Brinner and Wine

Home fries with Eggs and Bacon

It’s 8:45pm on a Monday and I have finally decided that maybe the ice cream I ate at 5 cannot count as my dinner. So here I am.

Maybe I already sampled the wine at this point.

If you take anything away from this post, it should be that the potato truly shines when diced with onions and cooked in butter. Move over french fries, the home fry is the new you.

Potato or perfection?

Did I mention that these things are actually on my list of easiest things to make? My list is basically Kraft mac, roasted veggies, and home fries. I would eat them everyday if they weren’t, ya know, a potato smothered in butter. So what could possibly make this Godly food even better? Bacon and eggs, of course! (and wine) Speaking of, I bought some very nice $5 Barefoot sweet red and it paired so well with this $2 dish. (Probably the subtle vinegar undertones.)

So originally there was also going to be a zucchini.
I was going to add a zucchini, but turns out it was soft because it was rotten. Also closeup of bacon time stamp so you know it’s fresh.

What’s for Brinner/Recipe:

1 Medium Potato- diced (Pictured: a massive freak potato that I cut in half.)
1/2 cup Onion- diced (Pictured: zucchini pretending to be onion.)
1 Small Zucchini
4 Tablespoons butter (Pictured: salted)
2 strips bacon (Pictured: the whole pack)
2 Eggs (Pictured: Free-range, cage-free, paraben-free.)
1 Clove Garlic- minced (Not Pictured)
1 Pinch of salt

What to do:

Set a medium sized skillet to medium heat. Cook the Bacon, set aside to drain. Add butter to the bacon grease and let melt. Add zucchini, onions, garlic, and potatoes.

potato start

Cover and let cook 10 minutes.

Things you can do while you wait:

  1. Clean up mess from prep.
  2. Drink some wine.
  3. Write 1/2 of a blog post.
  4. Watch chopped and pretend you are on chopped. (because you’re also doing number 2)
  5. Ask your dog how her day was.
  6. Just stand and silently watch the potatoes cook.

Flip the potatoes so they evenly brown.

Add salt, flip and cook until the taters are one color above your desired level of crispness.

Personally, I want those babies crispy As Frank. Mine took about 15 minutes, or a quarter of my glass of wine if we’re still keeping track of that.

A thing of beauty and grace.
A thing of beauty and grace.

Crumble your bacon, add to skillet and mix that around a little. Next, crack your eggs directly onto the potatoes. Cover and let your eggs steam cook for about two minutes. When your eggs seem done, try to tipsy-slide the whole dish onto a plate. You will succeed. I have faith in you.


Pictured: Barefoot sweet red + I didn't lie to you.
Pictured: Barefoot sweet red + most beautiful meal.
After all of the bites, I realized that Sriracha and ketchup were needed and missing. I changed that.
After all of the bites, I realized that Sriracha and ketchup taters sounded gr8.

Please make this for yourself tonight. Wine optional.




  1. I actually tried making this at home minus the bacon and it came out delicious. Living on my own, its hard to make food for myself so thank you for posting a recipe thats easy and simple enough for me to follow!

    1. Author

      I am so glad you tried it! Did you add zucchini? My thought is that the single life meal plan needs to come with something other than cereal and straight up eggs every now and again. I’ll try to post my one serving dinners more often.

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