Show and Tell- October 2015

Wow look at that, it’s the midDLE OF NOVEMBER?? 

I do more baking than you see on the blog because ***spoiler alert*** it’s hard to take pictures while baking. Especially if I’m in a rush to get things done. And if you read last week’s post, you know that is not a stretch for me. Even if I don’t take pictures of the process, I usually take pictures of the end result because I’m a narcissist. What better place to put those rogue pictures than in one single blog post? Like a little treat journal. I must confess this post may be more for me than for you, sorry in advance.

Carol's Cookies

These are Carol’s Cookies from The Walking Dead. I actually made these the first day of season 6 and did take a full out photoshoot, but didn’t have enough time to write a blog post about the cookies before the actual show. So the pictures just sit in a folder waiting for their time in the limelight. (At this point I’m on strike to post my adapted recipe until I (actual spoiler alert) have closure about Glen.)

HBD Sophia

Birthday cupcakes! I love making my friends desserts for their birthday because they all deserve a homemade birthday treat! These are lemon scented cupcakes with almond lemon frosting and raspberry sauce. The raspberry sauce was fun to make and even more fun to eat with EVERYTHING after I used what I needed for the cupcakes. And as previously mentioned, I made these extremely last minute and I was late to dinner. (sorry)


As I was saying, I am a birthday treat maker and this is no different. Say hello to cinnamon bundt. This is an iPhone picture and also kind of ugly because the cake was kind of ugly and super messy. I had trouble putting my all into this cake because I bought vanilla for it a few hours before I started baking and it disappeared while I was cleaning my kitchen. The cake ended up tasting pretty good, but I did not get to make it the way I wanted because I could not find the vanilla. The last thing I will say about this is that I dug through the (outside) trash for that vanilla at like 10pm.


I call these blurry things muffcakes. They were originally meant to be banana chocolate muffins, but one thing led to another and they ended up as peanut butter (or cookie butter) filled treats that came out somewhere between a muffin and a cupcake. I should have written the recipe down because they were quite nice. Wow I hope you rolled your eyes as hard as I did at that last sentence. I had one (two) warm and they were like so good, O M G. I’ll write the recipe down next time so we can all basque in the glory of the muffcake. Also I guess I’m going to keep saying muffcake.

Not pictured: The at least four other times I made myself home fries for dinner.

Did you make anything rather exceptional this month? Please show, do tell.

Until next time!




  1. The Cinnamon Bundt was good, did you ever find the vanilla?

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